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Goring & Streatley Golf Club

An Award Winning Course in an Area of
Outstanding Natural Beauty.

A Course with Character

Established in 1895, designed by Harry Colt and JH Taylor, Goring & Streatley is an 18 hole course, measuring 6355 yards from the white tees and 6008 yards from the yellow tees, par 71, set in an area of outstanding natural beauty in West Berkshire with panoramic views of the Thames Valley.  The greens are renowned for being fast and true and very rewarding.

Within this section of our website you will find a comprehensive guide to the course including a photographic tour of each hole, hole by hole drone view of the course and hole fly throughs.

Please see the Card of the Course section to look at the card showing the distance and par for each hole.

We have extensive practice facilities available free of charge to members, their guests, and playing visitors. Whether it’s your long game, short game, or putting that requires work we have dedicated areas for each, full details of which can be found in the Practice Facilities section.

Our course is expertly maintained by our team of Greenkeepers headed by Matt Aplin, our Course Manager. For an overview of the clubs ongoing commitment to maintain and improve the course please see the Greenkeeping & Course Care section

Watch a Hole by Hole Course Tour Here.

Hole 1 - Approach to the green

Hole 1

With the ground sloping gently from left to the right, your approach shot should favour the left hand side of the green.
Par 4
Red Tees 307 Yards
Yellow Tees 316 Yards
White Tees 372 Yards

Drone Tour

Hole 2

The Valley floor is the line. Take enough club for your approach shot to hit this tiered green.
Par 4
Red Tees 348 Yards
Yellow Tees 409 Yards
White Tees 425 Yards

Drone Tour
Hole 3

Hole 3

Keep your drive centre-left to improve your angle of attack for your second shot to this narrow and very fast green.
Par 4
Red Tees 311 Yards
Yellow Tees 332 Yards
White Tees 350 Yards

Drone Tour

Hole 4

A challenging uphill Par 3 guarded by a bunker on the right-be sure to hit the right club here!
Par 3
Red Tees 108 Yards
Yellow Tees 127 Yards
White Tees 141 Yards

Drone Tour

Hole 5

This hole is all about the avoidance of seven cunningly situated bunkers, and trees both left and right.
Par 5
Red Tees 413 Yards
Yellow Tees 458 Yards
White Tees 481 Yards

Drone Tour

Hole 6

Ensure your drive is centre or just left to get the best angle for your second. Slight slope right to left on the approach and green.
Par 4
Red Tees 384 Yards
Yellow Tees 392 Yards
White Tees 392 Yards

Drone Tour

Hole 7

Two straight hits are required – the ground slopes to the right on the approach and three bunkers await.
Par 4
Red Tees 442 Yards
Yellow Tees 453 Yards
White Tees 455 Yards

Drone Tour

Hole 8

Aim at the telegraph pole to hit the fairway which slopes right to left.
Par 4
Red Tees 288 Yards
Yellow Tees 360 Yards
White Tees 377 Yards

Drone Tour

Hole 9

Normally against the wind. Check the pin placement on this long green.
Par 3
Red Tees 122 Yards
Yellow Tees 131 Yards
White Tees 156 Yards

Drone Tour

Hole 10

Keep left for your drive and second shot – the approach is downhill and fast – the pitch back from behind the green is difficult.
Par 4
Red Tees 359 Yards
Yellow Tees 373 Yards
White Tees 384 Yards

Drone Tour

Hole 11

Aim your drive right of the two fir trees and your second shot at the marker board.
Par 4
Red Tees 311 Yards
Yellow Tees 313 Yards
White Tees 365 Yards

Drone Tour

Hole 12

Birdie opportunity, but if it is a windy day check the direction as it can swirl around the trees.
Par 3
Red Tees 133 Yards
Yellow Tees 136 Yards
White Tees 153 Yards

Drone Tour

Hole 13

Keep the tee shot straight on this narrow Par 4 and don’t attack difficult pin placements on this small green.
Par 4
Red Tees 302 Yards
Yellow Tees 330 Yards
White Tees 353 Yards

Drone Tour

Hole 14

Your second shot needs to be below the pin to avoid three or four putting.
Par 4
Red Tees 290 Yards
Yellow Tees 290 Yards
White Tees 300 Yards

Drone Tour

Hole 15

Aim at the oak tree for your tee shot. Favour the right side of the fairway and the direction post for your approach shots.
Par 5
Red Tees 447 Yards
Yellow Tees 484 Yards
White Tees 514 Yards

Drone Tour

Hole 16

If in doubt about which club to take play short but carry the gorse!
Par 3
Red Tees 156 Yards
Yellow Tees 191 Yards
White Tees 206 Yards

Drone Tour

Hole 17

Aim at the direction post or slightly right for your drive. Aim at the 18th tee steps for your second, use the slope before the green rather than pitching.
Par 5
Red Tees 485 Yards
Yellow Tees 509 Yards
White Tees 511 Yards

Drone Tour

Hole 18

Your line is the right hand side of the green for both your drive and second shot.
Par 4
Red Tees 337 Yards
Yellow Tees 404 Yards
White Tees 420 Yards

Drone Tour

Hole by Hole Course Tour

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