Goring & Streatley

Course Safety Policy

Adverse Weather

The course may be closed, or play suspended, when extreme and/or adverse weather conditions occur and damage to the course, or risk to personal safety would result if play were permitted. In conditions of fog, play is considered dangerous if visibility falls below 200 meters. When lightning is seen in the vicinity of the course, a klaxon may be sounded, and no play is to commence until a period of 15 minutes from the last lightning strike / thunder clap has been observed. It is incumbent upon each member or visitor to assess the risk and ensure that they take appropriate measures to ensure safe passage from the course.

Public Right of Way

All golfers must give way to users of the public right of way which runs through the course crossing the 1st, 14th, 15th, 17th, and 18th holes. Warning bells are situated for use by walkers to warn golfers of their presence on the 15th and 18th holes.

Warning Bells

Warning bells are provided when leaving the 3rd and 11th greens to advise following players that the greens have been cleared. A bell is also provided on the hillside half way down the 17th hole to advise following players it is safe to drive. All players are requested to use these bells.

Road Crossing

When leaving the 6th and 13th greens it is necessary to cross the B4009. All players are advised to use caution when crossing this road.

Players and Green Staff

During the early part of the day players are asked to give priority to greens staff. After course preparation, greens staff are to give priority to players. When the flag has been removed by the greens staff, this indicates the hole is out of play. Players are asked to wait until it is replaced which will indicate the hole is safe to play again.

Notices to Members and Visitors

External notice boards show when :

  • Chemicals are being used on the course
  • Abnormal work is in progress
  • Greens are in temporary / winter use
  • Restrictions apply on the use of trolleys

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