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Our Suppliers

Goring Village Butchers

Goring Village Butchers:
Goring Village Butchers is a quality traditional butcher situated in the Arcade, central Goring. They offer quality cuts of meat from local suppliers and the best of British. The Butchers is owned by Gary Smith and Nick & Gary have had a relationship for 2 years which started with superb Dry Aged Beef at The Miller. Gary Supplies 95% of the meat product at the golf club.

Cornfield Bakery

Cornfield Bakery:
Cornfield Bakery is based in Wheatley, Oxford and is an independent, family run wholesale & retail craft bakers since 1972. When Nick arrived at the Golf club there was a need to bring in a high quality independently run bakery to supply all those Baps!!! They have a team of passionate bakers produce a huge range of artisan bread & pastries with traditional methods.
Everything is hand crafted with the best quality local wheat, time & care which makes them a perfect match for the kitchen team at the Golf Club.

Becchwood Eggs

Beechwood Farm Eggs:
Beechwood Farm was started by Walter Rice in the 1950’s and back then free range was the only way to produce eggs. The farm supplied local people and shops on a small scale. The business was developed further by John, his Son and today is managed daily by Nathan – Walters Grandson. Today we have bigger barns and a few more hens than Walter did but the chickens live the same way, with access to the outdoors and the ability to express their natural behaviour. Nick has been a champion of Nathan and Beechwood since 2009 when he worked in Yattendon just down the road.

Flying Fish Seafoods

Flying Fish Seafoods:
When it comes to fish, nowhere is a patch on Cornwall…
Flying Fish is owned and operated by Jonny Goddon from his unit in Indian Queens, Cornwall. Jonny sources fish from Newlyn, Looe & Plymouth.
We’re so lucky to have the richest and most varied fish and shellfish stocks in the UK, if not the world, right here on our doorstep. So day after day, night after night, week after week, we use our specialist local knowledge, skill and hard graft to bring you beautiful fish from the ship to your restaurant in 48 hours, or less. Nick & Jonny met in 2006 when Jonny supplied a restaurant where Nick was a Sous Chef, the relationship has continued to this day and Nick’s delighted to bring Jonny’s quality product to the golf club.

Woods Food Services

Woods Food Service:
Woods Foodservice are based in Uxbridge, West London. A family run business passed down through generations. They stock all our favourite staple brands and are continually sourcing fine produce from every corner of the globe, including the freshest produce from their trusted suppliers. Nick loves their company ethos as the service levels are second to none. Every customer has their own dedicated Business Relationship Manager. They are an AA graded BRC accredited company that wins awards on a regular basis. Nick and Darren the currant MD have been working together for 12 years since Nicks time in the Fat Duck Group.


Mediteria is an independent food service operator based in Woking Surrey, primarily focusing on high quality imports from the Spain market. Think Vinegars, Cured Meats, Hams & Olives. They are a close-knit team that know how to deliver value for money, quality and service. Mediteria is run and owned by Scott Wilson, Scott is selective with his customers and approached Nick while at The Miller about 5 years ago. They share the same high standards and have worked together since.

Brooks Dairy:
Darren Brooks runs a thorough commercial dairy service from Didcot, South Oxfordshire. Nick and Darren have been working together for over 15 years. As a smaller independent business Darren is able to drive his prices competitively against business’s with much higher overheads.

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Matt Aplin & The Greenkeeping Staff:
Matt is a keen foodie and since Nick started at the club Matts had a keen interest in the food operation. We have lots of plans to utilise some of the wonderful wild produce available from the course. There’s also been some conversations about a kitchen garden. The kitchen has already produced dishes for some of our tasting evenings from food sourced on the course. This is a wonderful sustainable way to work and something Nick is passionate about developing and continuing.

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