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Goring & Streatley Golf Club

Goring & Streatley Heritage Fund 

Goring & Streatley Golf Club  Heritage Fund

A Legacy for the Club’s Future

For many of us, the Club has formed a valuable part of our lives – a source of great fun, social interaction, pride and enjoyment. The purpose of creating the Heritage Fund is to provide an opportunity to join the long list of past Goring & Streatley members who had the foresight to shape the Club of today, thereby ensuring that it can continue to evolve and be enjoyed by present and future members.

The Heritage Fund provides members and friends of the Club with the opportunity to make donations and bequests and will raise funds generally to enable the Club to acquire items and undertake projects that are identified as investment in the Club’s future. The Trustees of the Fund understand there are many worthy charities and good causes to which you could donate. Their hope is that on reflection of Goring and Streatley Golf Club you recognise how important the Club is for current and future generations. In choosing to participate in the Heritage Fund, you will be assisting in securing the Club’s future – a legacy of helping to develop its ongoing appeal for current and prospective members for many years to come.

Members and friends of Goring & Streatley who contribute will become Heritage Fund Patrons and the Trustees of the Fund will either recognise their generosity or keep their identity anonymous based on personal preference.


The fund is administered by the Trustees of the Fund under the terms of a trust deed and is completely separate from the day-to-day operation of the Club.

Requests and proposals concerning the possible use of funds are considered at meetings of the Trustees of the Fund and all recommendations made are subject to their approval.


Your contribution to the Heritage Fund will aid the quest to secure continuing improvement in Goring & Streatley Golf Club both now and for future generations. If you are interested in donating to the Fund or in participating in any way, please call the office on 01491 873229 and ask about the Heritage Fund.

Matt Aplin

“This helps make lasting improvement possible”


Matt Aplin – Course Manager

Investing in our Future


Matt Woods – Golf Academy

Golf Academy