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Goring & Streatley Golf Club

An Award Winning Course in an Area of
Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Matt Woods - Head Professional

Matt was one of the youngest PGA Qualified Professionals at the age of 19. Since then he has enjoyed a succesful career playing all around the world, where he managed to win in excess of 60 professional events including a 2 time winner on the PGA Europro Tour.  He also holds numerous course records including a 58 -13 at Donnington Valley.  At the age of 21, Matt moved to Australia for four years.  While playing in national and local events he also worked for Powerbuilt golf, designing and producing golf equipment for distribution across Australia and New Zealand.

In 2008, Matt decided to focus his career on teaching where he trained under PGA Master Professional Jonathan Yarwood.

Since then he has worked with players who have won at every level of the professional game and has had numerous junior students go on to win national and international amateur tournaments and represent England. As a coach he is motivated by the challenge of helping people improve at all levels and ultimately enjoying this great sport. Matt tailors his teaching to the individual as he does not believe in a one size fits all method, his wealth of experience as a tournament professional has given Matt a great insight to helping other golfers with more than just their golf swing.  He has a wealth of experience working with all golfers across all abilities, from beginners and children as young as 4, to club golfers to tour professionals. 


Tuition Prices

Matt Woods – Head Professional

Non-Member £80Member £70Junior £60Playing lesson POAMulti Lesson Special Deal Available


Academy Membership

Academy Membership Stage 1 – £175 + £25 Bar Levy

  • Includes Social membership of G&S GC to include 10% discount on all beverages
  • Free use of short game area & 1 bucket of range balls per week
  • 1 free ‘one to one’ lesson
  • Access to group lessons to be run Thursday evening, and over the weekend (days may change due to holidays and availability) first 4 lessons are free of charge, £12 per hour thereafter
  • All future lessons at Full members rates
  • Pro-shop loyalty card to include discounts on, clubs, balls, gloves, bags and logo shirts & jumpers
  • £25 Levy will be added to your bar card in addition to your subscription
  • Membership of this category extends until March 31st every year. If this is less than 6 months it will roll over until the following renewal if required.
  • Once this membership has been completed you will be invited to upgrade to Academy plus, Flexible Membership or Full membership. A Joining fee will be applicable on Flexible & 7 Day Membership in addition to the subscriptions due. If a membership waiting list is in place at time of upgrade, waitlist terms & conditions will apply.

Contact Kiersa for more information:

Academy + Membership Stage 2 – £300 + £25 Bar Levy

  • Includes all of the benefits of Academy membership including £25 added to your bar card plus the following:
  • 6 x 18 holes or 12 x 9 holes at selected times (Check in at the Pro-shop to book your tee time) It is recommended you book a tee time after 2pm to give yourself time to play 
  • 2 buckets of range balls per week
  • Access to academy competitions ( 9 holes etc Sunday afternoons ) 
  • A Club handicap can be attained
  • Academy away days organised and run by Pro-shop team ( there may be an extra charge to this depending on where the venue is)
  • Free golf rules classes
  • Membership of this category extends until March 31st every year. If this is less than 6 months it will roll over until the following renewal if required
  • Once this membership has been completed you must upgrade to Flexible Membership or Full membership. A Joining fee will be applicable on upgrade in addition to the subscriptions due. If a membership waiting list is in place at time of upgrade, waitlist terms & conditions will apply
  • An additional £25.00 will be required to add to your Bar Levy
  • Download Academy Membership Information​ 

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Society Team Challenge

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Green Fee Booking Notification

Whilst we do not ask for handicap certificates, Goring & Streatley is a multi-award winning golf course , and for your enjoyment you should be a competent golfer.

Prior to booking we request you ensure you have read the etiquette and dress code guidelines below and agree to fully comply by entering your name and email address.  Once you have completed this you will be re-directed to our booking page.

Thank you for your cooperation. We hope you have an enjoyable round of golf.

Goring & Streatley Golf Club Ltd

Dress Code & Course Etiquette – A Guide for Members & Visitors

Background & Introduction
These codes and guidelines apply to all golfers enjoying the fantastic golf course we are very lucky and privileged to have the opportunity to use for our enjoyment here at Goring & Streatley Golf Club (G&SGC). Members have access via the members’ pages on the website and societies and green fee-paying visitors will be given a copy before they play.
G&SGC was formed in 1895 and these codes and guidelines reflect both our history and heritage and our modern-day culture and values.

It is expected that all golfers will have a good knowledge of, and adhere to, the rules of golf whilst playing at G&SGC. The recently updated rules include a number of enhancements designed to increase the speed of play and it is expected that all golfers will embrace both the literal meaning and the spirit of these new rules. A social round of golf at G&SGC should not take any longer than 4 hours when playing in a 4 ball.

Course Dress Code Guidance
All players must look like golfers when on the course.
Professional golfers are starting to wear collarless shirts so it is becoming more difficult to be too specific, but golf players are always smart. Shirts are to be clean and tucked into tailored trousers or shorts. Lady golfers need not tuck their shirts in.
Shorts will be tailored and therefore of a standard length. Socks can be of any length.
Golf shoes must be worn on the course.

The Golf Professionals in the Pro Shop will help with advice if you are in any doubt about any aspect of our on-course dress code. If your attire isn’t suitable, the Pro Shop carries a wide range of clothing and new items can be purchased if necessary.
A Marshall will be making regular buggy trips around the course.
Members bringing guests will be asked to ensure their guests comply with the code.
Practice Areas Dress Code
All players above the age of 12 must look like golfers when using the driving range, practice hole, chipping and putting greens.
The course dress code is required for all players above the age of 12, subject to the discretion of our team of Golf Professionals.
The practice area dress code for players below 12 is more relaxed to the extent that recognised golf wear is not required.
The Golf Professionals coaching on our practice areas will enforce the code.
Clubhouse Dress Code
We want players coming off the course to feel comfortable after their round of golf.
After wet weather we ask all players to change any wet or muddy clothing before entering the bar and restaurant areas within the clubhouse. Showers, with towels provided, are available in both the men’s and ladies’ changing rooms.
In sunny and hot weather we ask that a smart casual standard of dress is maintained. Flip flops and sandals are allowed.
Some form of footwear must be worn at all times
Golf shoes may be worn in the spike bars but caps or any other golf headwear must be removed and not worn in the clubhouse.
Smart jeans may be worn but not brands with holes down the leg.
T shirts may be worn as long as they comply with the smart casual standard of dress.
Bar staff and waiters will ask people not complying with the code to change.
On Course Etiquette
POLICY- If our greens staff are anywhere on the hole that you are playing, a shot cannot be taken until the green keeper acknowledges you to do so. Our greens staff are trained, and have policies in place, not to be around near play unless it is necessary. Please adhere to this policy at all times, with no exceptions.
By its very nature the sport of golf requires participants to maintain high standards of integrity and honesty at all times. This also applies to players behaviour whilst on the course.
Each player must be ready to play their next shot before it is their turn to play. The principle of ready-golf must be employed at all times (except in matchplay). It is each player’s responsibility to ensure their group keeps up with the group in front.
Do not leave bags or trolleys in front of greens.
Mark your card once on the next tee.
Buggies and trolleys must be kept off tees and greens at all times.
Shouting or making loud noises of any kind is liable to break the concentration of fellow golfers and is not allowed on the course.
Golf can be a hugely challenging and frustrating sport. Players must not allow their frustrations to have an impact on their fellow golfers in any way. Damage caused to any part of the course through the venting of any frustration, demonstrates a lack of respect that is simply not tolerated and will be reported to the General Manager and the Captain’s Committee.
It is deemed disrespectful to our Course Manager, his team and fellow golfers not to:
Repair your pitch marks on greens.
Repair pitch marks left unrepaired by players in front of you.
Rake bunkers after you have used them. Leave them in a state you expect to find them in. After use, leave rakes in the bunkers with about one or two feet of the handle resting outside the bunker.
Avoid creating any damage to the surface of greens.
Replace divots on the fairways.
If all groups comply with the new time saving rules, gaps between groups shouldn’t occur. However, if your group does lose a hole or more you should allow the group behind to play through. It makes sense to do so and is part of the good etiquette which you should follow on the course.
Larger groups should allow smaller groups through.
Golfers playing social golf should allow golfers playing in competitions to play through as soon as it makes sense to do so.
Golfers using buggies must drive them safely at all times and ensure no undue noise or disturbance is created whilst a fellow golfer is preparing to take, or is in the process of taking, a shot.
When “cutting in”, for example to play the holes at the top of the course, there must be at least one clear hole behind before teeing off.
A steward will make regular buggy trips round the course
Golfers not obeying these guidelines will not be allowed to play at Goring & Streatley Golf Club again