Greenkeeping Blog January 2020

This month we have been doing many small jobs, with our main focus being aeration. We have solid tined the tees and surrounds and hollow tined the greens. We decided to go early with the hollowing tining of the greens as the weather this January has been so mild and now we seem to experience really cold weather in February and March time, meaning that hollow tining then is out of the question. That would mean we could be delayed in carrying out the aeration and therefore the greens would be a bit further behind then where we would like them to be going into the main playing season. Also it means that we have carried out very disruptive work in a time where golfers expectations are low as they are just happy to be out playing.

The other jobs we have been doing are small clearance jobs. We have cleared an area behind the 15th medal tee. This is to help improve the surface of the 15th medal, green and yellow tees. These tees tend to get very wet in the winter and will benefit greatly from improved air movement and sun light.

The summer markers are having their winter touch up with all of them being re stained, freshly painted ends and re varnished. We have also been busy tackling areas of moss this month. Conor and myself have been out all over the course spraying soluble iron on the moss. You may have noticed these areas have gone a very dark green.

Steve has been busy in the sheds servicing the machines, this along with the grinding of the units is a long job that he will be doing for the next few months on and off.

I have started my bee keeping course which carries on through to February. We are all looking forward to the time we can get bees and get our first load of honey. We have already purchased a hive that Steve has put together.

At the end of the month Matt (course manager), Conor (assistant green keeper) and myself went to BTME in Harrogate which is a greenkeeping show with loads of education opportunities. We all sat in on various talks on subjects like irrigation, sustainability, and biostimulants.

Melissa Winkworth
Assistant green keeper