Course News February 2022 to March 2022

February 2022

The start of February was very busy for us, we had a delivery of 127 trees and 300 gorse bushes. The trees were for planting on the 13th hole and the 1st hole, and the gorse for the 16th hole along with an oak tree that was planted for the queen’s jubilee. We have been able to spend a week at the 4th hole clearing a big area behind the temp green, in a few weeks time this will be joined up to the part by the tee to complete the clearance of the left side of the 4th. The right side clearing of a few Hawthorns was started just before the two storms hit us, this lead to a few more trees in that area being blown over and therefore removed then we wanted but I think you’ll agree it looks a lot better without them. The real shame was loosing the big oak on that side. The storms brought down a lot of branches and a fair few trees, This will be a massive task to clear all the debris around the course so please bear with us. It was great to see that a few members offered to come in on the following Saturday  morning after the first storm to help start the clear up, this was much appreciated from us all. 

March 2022

March as always has been a very busy month for us getting the golf course ready for the captains drive in and first qualifying competition. The two main jobs are getting the bunkers edged and sanded up as well as getting all the paths edged and topped up. As well as those jobs we have had a stump grinder in to remove all the stumps in playable positions, and a rotavator to turn over the new wildflower area at 14 and the newly cleared area by the 5th green. The wild flower area has now been sown so hopefully we will get a great colourful display in the summer. Much to the delight of many of you we have also got all of the ropes in, this always makes me feel like the golf season is approaching as the course changes so much by just getting them in. 

Melissa Winkworth – Assistant Greenkeeper