Course News October 2021 to January 2022

October 2021

The start of October saw myself and Conor completing our tree felling qualification. This was a must have for us due to all the tree work we do over the winter months, it means we will be able to complete more jobs in the time we have. During the month on the course we doubled dyna cored the tees and surrounds. This is a great job to get done as it removes organic matter and allows air pockets for the grass to grow and strengthen. We also saw a number of mushrooms appear all over the course, mushrooms have a symbiotic relationship with grass, they help each other absorb nutrients and moisture from the soil, creating healthier plants. All of this is done in the soil and the mushrooms we see are just the flowering part of the fungi.

November & December 2021

The 11th hole was the main focus of November and December. We started back in the woods by the 11th green, where a number of trees needed to be removed as they were either dead/dying or just simply too close to other trees meaning they were fighting for the light all the time and producing very little canopies. Log piles were created in this area for the bugs and when the weather changes in April we will seed the area so that it’s all grass there. I also have a few bulbs donated by our member Sine Shaw which will be added to the area for colour. Once the wooded area was completed we moved down to the tee area where a few bushes had to started to grow back, this was all hedge cut down and cleared and will be killed off during the summer months. We also managed to clear the gap between the two areas to open the view right up. It makes such a difference to the hole.

January 2022

We had a few projects on the go in January, the hedge at the 5th being one of them. This was a great job to get done. It looks great, it will improve the health of the hedge in the long run, it was full of ivy so it reduces the chance of the hedge blowing over in strong winds and it also allows sunlight to a wet green all day in the winter months which will greatly help the 5th green. Levelling a few of our worst tees was another project for this month, we stripped the turf off the medal 14th, 12th medal and the lower tee of the 1st and levelled them up and then put the turf back down. This was a much needed job and a job we will continue every year to improve our teeing grounds. The area behind the back of the 15th green was another area we cleared, this was done so that we can plant an oak tree for the queen’s jubilee and lots of gorse bushes in the area.

Due to honey sells I was able to buy some hedge row plants and wildflower seeds. I brought 200 hedge plants, 100 hawthorns and 100 blackthorns. These were planted to the right of the 11th and in the gaps in the hedge behind the 5th green. A wildflower area will be created to the left of the 14th hole with the seed I purchased, It should look stunning in the summer months.

Melissa Winkworth