Course News April 2021

April has seen a lot of frosty mornings which has meant the grass growth is very low for this time of year. However the course is starting to take shape with the fairways starting to show and rough being cut. You may have notice the changes to these areas, fairways have been made wider to make them fairer and the first cut of rough now has been striped because the fairways are now being cut half and half for the more traditional look. The new shapes of the approaches are also now standing out and looking great. We are really trying to improve these surfaces with more verti cutting, aeration and top dressing throughout the year. You may have also noticed the ball washers, these are actually our original ball washers which Steve has refurbished. I think you’ll agree they look great. 


The bees are doing really well, we managed at the last look to find our queen and get her marked and her wings clipped to help stop them swarming. We are going to this year get another hive up and running and the honey produced by our two hives will go on sale to members hopefully at the end of the year. Any money made from the selling of the honey will all be used for environmental projects on the course the following year. 


Melissa Winkworth 

Assistant green keeper