Course News Lockdown Week 2 November 2020

Hopefully we are another week nearer to the golf course re opening for you all to once more enjoy!

The course has had another very busy week of activity, in fact we have been absolutely “flat out” with many tasks around the course being covered.

The past week has seen another 10 tonnes of sand applied to the greens as we make the most of the opportunity we have to apply another layer, in order to help improve the surface smoothness and to continue the war against organic matter accumulation, which is a war we are certainly winning.
More air has been punched in to various surfaces to allow more gaseous exchange to take place, along with allowing the sub-surfaces and rootzones to breath.

Leaf blowing and collection is a constant challenge, but is one we are nearing completion as most leaves are now down.
Fairways, Tees, Approaches and some rough has been mown, Strimming of mounds and banks is continuing as is the removal of dead and dying trees from the course.

Crown lifting on all conifers has been completed as has the removal of many high limbs around several tees, and the pit near the 10th green. This was carried out by a contractor using a cherry picker and the results are really impressive. The area by the 10th green and 11th tee will be opened up to create much needed airflow and open vistas to the surrounding countryside.

Finally works are going on to increase the width and length of the practice range. The removal of scrub and dead trees has been carried out by a large 13 tonne digger that will be seeded next week, increasing the width by approximately 35 yards and length by 30 yards. This work has only been made possible due to the incredible generosity of one of our members Dave Bond, who has provided the digger and driver to us as a gesture of goodwill. Dave your generosity has meant we have completed a job in one week that would have taken our team 6 months! Thank you very much indeed!
Please click on the link below for this week’s video synopsis of the works that have been going on.

Kind regards
Matt Aplin
Course Manager