Course News Lockdown No2 Week 1 November 2020

Well its sadly nearly a week since we were forced to close the doors to the golf course once again, as we entered a 2nd national lockdown.  It was a situation that we had no control over, however what we as greenkeepers do have control over, is the maintenance of the golf course.  

With the full backing and commitment from our clubs management we have been able to grasp this opportunity with both hands.  I say opportunity as I am a “glass half full man”, and opportunities to carry out essential maintenance during a time of differing weather and uncertainty, with full staff and financial resources available is an opportunity we simply cannot miss. 

The course will be aerated pretty much wall to wall, using various  methods available to us.  The benefits of this will ensure we go into the winter in absolute A1 condition and in a position to be able to withstand the high levels of play we will no doubt receive once we re open for play. 

The greens have been micro hollow tined and heavily top dressed with 30 tonnes of sand. This operation has been brought forward from the planned February 2021 date to ensure disruption once we re open for play is kept to an absolute minimum, and recovery is maximised during this month. 

Leaves are falling thick and fast, which will be cleared on a daily basis to prevent any smothering of turf or subsequent turf diseases which will occur if dew is not removed daily or leaves blown. 

Our woodland works to improve airflow and turf quality will also begin at the 11th hole and many many other tasks will be carried out by our dedicated team.

What I will guarantee you all is that when you return, you will find a golf course that is prepared for you all, in as good a condition as is humanly possible, with the foundations having been laid for it to continue to provide a decent golf course for the coming months ahead, and as we hit spring we will once again be well placed to raise the bar of quality higher than ever before. 

The greens staff will work tirelessly to ensure this happens, I can personally promise you all that, whilst the leaders of this great golf club have certainly ensured that the golf course is not only unaffected by these trying times, but in a position to be able to move forwards. Not many clubs in the country will be able to say that,  But Goring and Streatley golf club certainly can! 

I have attached a link below which gives you all a small snippet of what has been going on behind the scenes out on the course. I will send one of these out on a weekly basis. 

Kind regards 

Matt Aplin  – Course Manager