Course News July 2020

As you may have all noticed this months project has been the clearance of the space between the 8th tee, 10th green and 11th rough. We have managed to get all the small and dead trees down, this work was made a lot easier with the use of a chipper that we hired in for a week.

Over the next few months we will clear the remaining bramble and large logs that couldn’t go through the chipper. The aim is to have the area cleared and sprayed to control the bramble and weeds by September so we can have a clear area to sow wildflower seeds for next year. The main reason for the clearance work is to improve the amount of airflow and sunlight to the 10th green area.

As well as our normal cutting of all surfaces we have also been carrying out other small jobs, all the trees are being tidied up with all the low branches being removed. All the weeds in the long grass areas as well as the fine turf areas like the fairways are in the process of being spot sprayed and all the tee markers have had a little touch up.

In the sheds Steve is now busy after working up at the 8th tee area giving the cylinder units a grind which means that the mowers will be cutting really well going into this years main competition period. 

Melissa Winkworth

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