Course News May & June 2020

With golfers returning at the start of last month we faced a few new challenges as we weren’t sure completely how it was going to be in terms of business. The first few days were interesting, but very manageable for our greenkeeping team.  This May we have been focusing on just the maintenance on the course, cutting the surfaces and setting up the course for play every day.

As we moved into June we started using a bit of time in other areas, the 18th woods has had a tidy up with all the low branches removed from the trees.  We have also got a good start on the area between the 8th tee and the 10th green. We would like to clear this area only leaving the big ash and oak trees to allow more sunlight and air flow to the 10th green. This will really help the whole area around the 10th green which became wet last year.

We have also been able to aerate all of the greens, tees and surrounds as well as top dress the greens and surrounds. We also got in a verti-cut to the surrounds, the aim this year is to really start improving the surrounds to make them a true extension of the greens.

Some of you may have noticed too that the bees have arrived, our bees are located just off the road at 3a. I’ve been lucky as a local bee keeper is mentoring me as well as keeping a few of his. 

Melissa Winkworth

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