Greenkeeping Blog February 2020

At the end of January we started on our biggest clearance area for this winter, The right of the 4th tee. This was completed fully in 3 weeks, it will help to increase air flow and sunlight to the medal tee which will greatly help the turf quality on the tee. We also managed to complete the clearance of the left side of the 1st medal tee round to the back of the 18th green. This was a continuation of the 18th woods job from last year, it will have great benefits for the 1st medal tee in the same way as the 4th tee.

Two other small areas have also been completed this month, the practice ground tees have been tidied up with all brash at the back of the middle tee taken out and the hedges around the other two tees taken back to stop it encroaching on the tees. The other area was up by the 11th tee. This was a tidy up job of an area that had diseased trees that were becoming unsafe. This area will be left and hopefully create a great habitat for wildlife.

Away from all the clearance jobs we have managed to aerate the greens, tees and surrounds. The weather over the month has been challenging with two storms battering the course. Luckily we didn’t have many trees come down over that period but we did lose a hawthorn on the third hole and a massive conifer on the 13th. The rain that came over the month has made parts of the course very wet but even after both of the storms we managed to stay completely open. 

Melissa Winkworth
Assistant greenkeeper