Greenkeeping Report December 2019

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Clearing leaves and getting the course cut has been the aim for December. We have all been out collecting pockets of leaves so that they don’t pile up in areas. It’s been a big task but we have finally managed to remove most of them. It’s been very difficult getting around the course due to 210mm of rain in November and December , which is over 50mm more than we had last year. This has left holes 5 to 14 very wet and has limited us to the jobs we could carry out. We did however manage to get out and remove the two tee mats, one at the 13th tee and one on the 10th hole. The 13th has been turfed and the 10th will be turfed to soon. A few mowers have been able to get out and get some of the surfaces cut. Most of the tees and surrounds have been cut and a few of the fairways. These will be completed when the surfaces are dry enough. The greens have been holding up really well in all the rain. They have had a few cuts and a few rolls this month. Next month is the start of the winter program. This involves a lot of tree work, but this time we will be moving around a lot as we have a few small areas to clear. All the areas we will be doing in the new year are to help improve sun light and air to stagnant areas. This will help improve the surfaces.

Melissa Winkworth
Assistant Greenkeeper