Greenkeeping Report September and October 2019

To read the full article, please click on the title above.  This month we have been working on finishing off a few jobs. We have finished cutting down all the low limbs on all the trees on the course. This really helps us with cutting the long rough and helps makes the areas around trees more playable. We have started strimming some of the long grass around some of the tees.
This is due to preparation work that needs doing as we are going to plant wild flower seeds around some tees to add pockets of colour to some areas.
The rest of the tees and long grass areas will be cut down next month once all the competitions have been completed.
The last week of this month has seen us have 70 mm of rain. This has meant that we have got the hand mowers out a bit earlier than planned.
It’s great having them, it gives us the opportunity to still cut the greens when they are wet without having to take a heavy machine across them.

October has been a very busy month. All strimming of long grass banks has started and all the long grass rough areas have been cut down using the mower. It’s important to cut down these areas once a year as it helps stop any unwanted weeds/trees invading. We have also done some maintenance on our tees. All the tees have been triple dyna cored and scarified. Over the next month they will all be top dressed. The winter work has also started, we have started clearing to the side of the 1st tee. This was the job we really wanted to get started as it will really help with the health of the tee. During the day the 1st medal tee gets very little sunlight even in the height of summer. This means when it’s winter the tee gets no sunlight and therefore suffers with disease and wear more than other tees. This job will be completed over the next month.

Melissa Winkworth
Assistant Greenkeeper