Greenkeeping Report August 2019

Greens maintenance started of the month for us. All the greens were dyna cored, solid tinned and top dressed with 30 tonnes of sand. Another 10 tonnes was added throughout the month. For The rest of August we have been carrying on with our extra jobs like removing low branches on trees once we have completed the weekly mowing. Hedge cutting has also been taking place with the gorse bushes being trimmed up and all the other hedges around the course. This time of year also give us the opportunity to switch up our jobs a little. We all have jobs that we do every week, this makes us more efficient as we know the job well and can produce top quality in a quick time. But having ago at other areas when the chance arises is a nice change. Divoting of the fairways has once again taken place, we now divot the fairways once a month to help improve the turf quality of the fairways. The clearing of the pond at the 8th has happened as well this month. We do this as the pond gets over run with plants.

Melissa Winkworth
Assistant Greenkeeper