Greenkeeping Report June 2019

June has been another busy month for us green staff. At the start of the month we focused on getting all the fairways divoted again. Getting this done was great as we got loads of recovery thanks to all the rain we had. In June we had 78mm of rain, this has meant that the grass has been growing very well and staying on top of the cutting has been the focus. We have also been again out weed killing, we have managed to get around the whole course again, tidying any weeds that had been missed. A respray of all the out of bounds and signs has also been completed for the start of two big golfing events in our year, captains day and the club championship. Ladies captains day happened this month, thanks goes to our ladies captain carol Taylor for inviting us green staff to the hut for a beer. Wobbly organised a nature walk for members, it was great to see what they found, butterflies, orchids and many other wildflowers. This really helps prove that the jobs we have been doing to restore our meadow parts of the course have been a great success.

Melissa Winkworth
Assistant greenkeeper