Greenkeeping Report April 2019

April started with the captains drive in. It was our target for getting all the winter jobs done. All the paths were edged and topped up with path dressing, all the pop ups on the course were edged, all bunkers were edged/ strimmed, and 3a was completed. You will of noticed that our summer markers are back out, we change to these longer markers in the summer as the winter markers have one nail that is shorter so that we can get them into the ground easier when frozen. They also help define the seasons, the main playing season and winter golf.

It has been nice to start to get the course shaped out, we have been out mowing the rough which always makes the course look tidy.  You will notice a few small changes in the next month, we are increasing some areas of unmown long rough areas to help shape holes, introduce new environments for wildlife and in some areas to help reduce wear on our long rough mower due to increasing raising roots.

April also brings our first divoting party.  Thank you to everyone that came to help us divot the fairways, it really helps get the fairways into top condition ready for the main golfing season. One of the main jobs for April is total weed killing around all the trees, signs, paths and the out of bound lines around the course. This is a long job but well worth the effort as it makes the course look so much tidier for the year, and saves us time strimming these areas meaning we can focus on other jobs.

Melissa Winkworth
Assistant greenkeeper