Greenkeeping Report July-August 2018

The past 2 months have seen us enjoy an incredible spell of warm weather.  The new irrigation system helped to ensure first class playing surfaces with presentation of the course remaining at a high standard throughout.  As soon as we received some rain we returned to a lovely uniform green colour.

It will be a period of time i am sure we will all remember and look back on with fondness.  Golf should be played as nature intended and the summer of 2018 has certainly provided a different test of golf.

The hot weather saw the greenstaff enjoy several bbqs at lunch time in the yard which was a goodnopportunjty for the guys to have a few well earned bonding sessions!

Wildlife reports have been very encouraging ranging from lizards, slow worms, and woodpeckers to rare orchids within the grass meadows.  It is something we are committed to sustain and improve upon year in year out!

The deep aeration and heavy top dressing of the greens was carried out in early August and full recovery was achieved within 11 days.

Also a trial of wetting agents was observed on our spare practice green over a 3 month period.  As you can see from the image of the green the right hand side was perfect where as the left hand side that received no wetting agents was left with dry patch and turf loss.  it is a real good image that shows the benefits of products in order to deliver first class putting surfaces.