Course News – August 2018

Many thanks to everyone for your patience whilst we carried out greens maintenance works last Monday and the subsequent recovery period. I am very pleased with recovery and as of tommorow morning we will be back down to our optimum summer cutting height of 3mm. We have very healthy and disease free greens which is very satisfying after the summer of turf stress we have experienced. This is solely down to the regular sound cultural works we continue to carry out..

The link below will take you to a video I put together of how wetting agents will benefit our fairways as we look to improve surfaces in the coming seasons. This extra investment is what will enable us to raise the bar in terms of quality.

The coming few weeks will see the application of wetting agents to all fairways, tees and aprons as we look to assist in the uptake of water to these areas. The course will gradually become more receptive to moisture and presentation will be far higher and for longer than ever before.
Matt Aplin
Course Manager