Course News 2nd August 2018

Greens maintenance will be taking place Sunday 6th August in the evening and all day on Monday 7th August. The chipping green and 3a will be tined Friday afternoon in order to ensure we are fully operational to commence on Sunday evening. 

The greens will have a micro hollow core removed and a 12mm deep solid tine aeration will also be carried out.  There will also be 40 tonnes of sand applied.  The benefits of this work will ensure we go into the winter in great shape as well as not having to carry out any more major works until next March. I can guarantee Full recovery will take place within 10 days if not before. A higher nitrogen soluble fertiliser has been applied to increase growth levels to help the grass push through the sand.  A little bit of short term pain for very much long term gain! 

The new irrigation system has certainly saved the course this year.  We have been pushed to the limit and are still managing perfectly well. It has highlighted areas we also need to improve turf quality wise as we move forward and my objective is certainly to deliver the best quality greens, tees, approaches and fairways in the area.

This winter will see a real increase in aeration and top dressing to tees and approaches and next season will see us apply a full fairway wetting agent programme to massively increase moisture uptake. Wetting agents are an incredible tool to assist moisture movement and retention within the rootzone. And there are very few clubs who apply a fairway programme, and this is further evidence of the club’s commitment to raising standards. 

I am also very pleased to report a satisfying conclusion to a final snagging meeting of the system this week. We will now have an increased storage capacity in the reservoir as the overflow will be raised to allow more volume.  We will also be having a mains water feed into the tank which can be used in extreme periods like this last few months. This extra water, along with a commitment to improving turf quality will see us presented to a higher standard for longer than ever before.

There will also be a weather station installed next spring which will feed live weather data directly to the pc control system.  The major benefit of this will be all rainfall and evapotranspiration rates will be available to record and used to calculate exactly what moisture we need to be applying to be in first class condition. We have been experiencing temperatures and ET rates akin to North Africa recently and this level of moisture deficit is not something that is common in the south of England.  However we will be in a position to withstand it if they occur in the future.  

It is also very pleasing to report that we still have plenty of water from our borehole allowance and enough to keep us going through the entire season, even if these temperatures continue. The system was designed around this quota of water and turf quality will only improve and be maintained for longer as we move forwards .

Finally I would like to thank all the members and visitors of our wonderful club for your continued support, it really is appreciated!  

Matt Aplin

Course Manager